The alternative to Android’s Beam expected as ‘Fast Share’ similar to Airdrop

Android devices have always most of the features that all the different smartphones have provided. With the new Android version Q rolling out soon enough we can look forward to new features that can make life easier. Google has stated that the newer android Q lacks the feature of Google Beam. An old feature of file sharing called Google Beam that was available in android version ice cream can be seen to upgrade.

The Android beam is a quite outdated feature of file sharing and so it surely needed an upgrade. With the next Android coming up it’s a great time for Google to send the new feature of file sharing that is fast and efficient. It was seen in the Android Q sneak peek that there is the feature Fast Share with the icon similar to nearby.

Fast Share

The feature is wireless sharing over devices that is secure and fast and you can take it as something similar to Airdrop. iPhone has Airdrop to share files over iPhones and Macs etc easily when nearby and Fast Share does the same over the Chromebook and Android devices. The Fast Share works wirelessly with the NFC feature of devices and so you can expect it to be a fast and better option for file sharing.

To use the feature the two devices will have to be in close range so they can verify the connection. Initial handshaking is done with Bluetooth of devices and once the sender and receiver have confirmed the fuel sharing it works over WiFi. You can share photos, files, etc over Androids using Fast Share Good feature for Android users that are sick of the slow and complex file sharing with third-party apps.

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