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The All-New OnePlus 8 And 8 Pro With a Special Ability

OnePlus is a Powerful brand with a lot to offer its users. The company started making phones which could compete with flagship phones. OnePlus really makes flagship killer smartphones because the company equips its devices with the best things. You will get the latest processor in OnePlus devices when the company launches new devices. Even the pricing of OnePlus phones wasn’t that much aggressive until the OnePlus 8 series got out. OnePlus 8 series are priced a bit aggressively but the phones are worth the money. You can trust on OnePlus devices in any situation because everything is managed smoothly on OnePlus devices.

Recent reviews prove that OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are able to do some things which any other smartphone can’t. We all know about Fortnite and it is a very famous game. Recently the game was available for all the smartphones as it was basically a PC or laptop game earlier. OnePlus 8 series is able to run Fortnite at 90 FPS which is unbelievable. No other phone can run Fortnite at this setting but OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro can. We need a decent device with good specifications to run Fortnite smoothly. Here, OnePlus is running it like no big deal at almost the best frame rate per second.

OnePlus surprises their users every time with new features. The best feature which people like the most about OnePlus is its User Interface. We get Oxygen OS in OnePlus devices which is neat and clean. Oxygen OS is almost stock Android with some cool customisations. We get the Game Space in OnePlus devices that offer you the best experience of gaming.

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