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All new Chrome OS 64 Beta brings Parallel Apps feature to devices

Long back in 2011 Google has introduced a new Operating system known as the Chrome OS. This was not a very powerful OS as it runs web-based applications only, we have seen a lot of Chromebooks from different brands, all those runs on the Chrome OS. Unfortunately, it was not praised by the users, but today we are not here to talk about all that negative stuff, recently the OS has received a new update which brings some cool functions so let’s check out more about it.

This new update is not the final one and is still in testing phase due to which it is known as Beta 64 update. It is yet to arrive for all the devices that run on Chrome OS. In case you don’t know hardly any Android application is there which cannot run in the Chrome OS-based devices and to multi-task between various apps there was a screen from where you can run the previous apps you’ve used, but this new feature allows users to run all those apps simultaneously in real time.

Which means that with this upcoming functionality one can run two games at a time or can perform various tasks at a time, we know that this might sound a little desperate. We have provided a video linked to this article through which you can understand it better. In the upcoming version of Chrome OS, this feature is present in the developer options from there one can enable parallel running of apps and games. It is a unique offering, and previously we haven’t seen this type of implementation on any device. Earlier migrating to different apps result in pausing of the other apps, but with this new software, that case is dissimilar.

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