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Tesla Introduces an all new “Preconditioning” feature for its Cars

Tesla is the brand which is responsible for one of the best electric powered four wheelers all over the world, they have redefined what an electric car can do. If you are a Tesla fan then you may be knowing about some of its exceptional features and among all those one of its features is that the functionalities of the car can be tuned by releasing a new update, yes you head it right similar to smartphones this car can also be updated.

Image of the Tesla car.
Image courtesy: seekingalpha .com

Recently Tesla has rolled out a new update which adds brings a new feature on the cars running firmware 2017.5 or above. The new feature is called “Preconditioning,” Preconditioning refers to the process in which the temperature of the car batteries comes to normal so that every function offered by the car can work to its best. In case you don’t know all these processes are just a touch away from your phone, they can be managed by your smartphone with ease.

The image is showing the Tesla’s interface.
Image courtesy: blog.caranddriver .com

It is a very good feature for the places where the temperature often goes in negative digits; you can use this feature before you are going somewhere, as soon as the battery gets under the idle temperature range it performs to its best. Tesla has some other exclusive features as well; one can start and stop his/her car’s engine by clicking on the Tesla mobile application. Whenever the temperature of outside gets super cold, the car will show a notification, and then you can start this process which takes about an hour.

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