Microsoft’s next generation consoles are codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart

microsoft xbox

Microsoft is keeping on reptile-themed codenames for its gaming console Xbox. The first Xbox One was codenamed Durango and the Xbox One X was given the codename Scorpio. The codenames of the upcoming gaming consoles of Microsoft are “Anaconda” and “Lockhart” Microsoft’s two planned next-gen consoles, and the successors for both the Xbox One X and Xbox One … Read more

PUBG free version introduced for Xbox


PUBG which is also known as Player’s Unknown Battleground has been introduced for free to download on Xbox One today by Microsoft. Its free version is released for a limited amount of time. You can download PUBG from Microsoft’s store and play it right away. Microsoft in the past had promised a “big news” for PUBG fans at the company’s … Read more

Microsoft ready to brings the X-box party chat app on iOS(Beta now available)

Xbox Party chat iOS

  Microsoft’s X-Box party chat which has been already available on the Android platform but in beta version will now soon head it’s way to iOS. The party chat feature of the X-Box app lets everyone join into the chat with friends who are in a party. The sign-up process has already begun, and you … Read more