Facebook is thinking of letting cross-messaging between all of its platforms


According to several reports, Facebook is thinking of letting cross-messaging between Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Each of these platforms will continue to operate as an independent app, but according to the reports, Facebook is re-developing the underlying infrastructure so the users who might use only one of Facebook’s properties could talk with others within … Read more

WhatsApp will now limit users to forwarding a message only five times


WhatsApp has made a big change to the feature of forwarding messages. WhatsApp users will now only be able to forward a message 5 times, it has been officially announced by WhatsApp. Before the introduction of this new feature, the users of the messaging app could forward any single message to up to 20 other … Read more

WhatsApp adding new improvements to group calling features


It was recently reported that WhatsApp beta for iOS is testing video playback inside push notifications. Now, the social chat app has rolled out another update through TestFlight, and it brings along new group calling UI improvements. It allows the users to start a group call with selected members from a group directly through a new … Read more

WhatsApp might introduce a feature like Snapchat’s transitory messages


WhatsApp keeps on releasing new amazing features to stay in the market of apps. In recent months, many messaging apps are introducing new features because there is too much competition about this in the world. Everyone wants to be the center of attention. WhatsApp had already copied Snapchat by releasing WhatsApp Status which is exactly same like Snapchat Stories feature. Now, there are … Read more

WhatsApp going to introduce new features for group chats and WhatsApp statuses


Whatsapp which is owned by Facebook is going to add a new feature to Whatsapp which will allow the users to respond privately to a contact in a group. According to some reports, the feature is known as “Reply privately” it will allow the users to reply privately to a message received in a WhatsApp group. This … Read more

Whatsapp now lets you listen to your voice messages before sending

Whatsapp latest update

WhatsApp’s latest update in 2018 is really exciting and will please many users, who use the voice messaging specialty a lot. Moreover, this is the second feature that Whatsapp had under development, earlier this week the world’s most extensive messaging service implemented the Switching element, which allowed the user to switch between voice calls and … Read more