Samsung starts releasing Android 9 Pie update in Europe


There is a Christmas gift by Samsung for the users of Galaxy S9 as Samsung has started releasing its Android Pie update for the Galaxy S9. The users on Twitter and Reddit have seen the update become available in different countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Slovakia as well. With improvements made by Google, Android Pie on the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A8 is going to be the first phone with Infinity-O display


South Korean Smartphone makers Samsung is going to launch their Galaxy A8 phones today in China. The major feature of Samsung’s A8 is its infinity O-display. It is reported that there are going to be no notches but an O-shaped hole in the display for the camera. Huawei is also thinking about releasing similar design … Read more

Samsung going to introduce ‘3D sonic sensor’


Samsung has made several announcements regarding their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung has made yet another mindblowing announcement and has taken to the stage with chipset partner Qualcomm for the official announcement of a first-ever ‘3D Sonic Sensor’, the world’s first commercial ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader. And this new feature is going to give a massive advantage to … Read more

Samsung and Verizon will team up for the 5G smartphone to be released in 2019


One of the world’s first 5G phones will be coming to the US from Samsung and Verizon. According to both companies, they are planning to bring a smartphone that will be able to support next-generation cellular technology which is 5G to the US market in 2019. There aren’t many details about the specs of the device, … Read more

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy F just got more expensive


There have been some reports regarding the price of the upcoming Samsung’s Galaxy F. A source, who has been verified as a Samsung employee, told the media outlet that the price of Samsung Galaxy F will range between £1500-2000, depending on the version. But these new prices for the UK market, where the British phone … Read more

Samsung just released stunning white Galaxy Note 9 but its only available for Taiwan


Both giant smartphone makers Samsung and Apple left the solid white color scheme for their flagship phones years ago, but it looks like Samsung is now looking to bring back its amazing sleek look for its latest oversized handset. At the start of this week a teaser of the phone was released, the “First Snow … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S10 screen protector might have the smallest bezels


There seems to be a great competition among the smartphone makers to get rid of bezels, and it looks like that Samsung is going to take lead from its fellow rivals with the Samsung Galaxy S10, as a leaked screen protector shows almost zero bezels on any edge. The screen protector’s video was leaked and shared … Read more

Samsung’s foldable smartphone price leaked


A report was published in the Korean newspaper Korean Times which cites analyst sources as saying that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X/F foldable phone will come with a base SIM-free price of 2 million Korean. This price will be nearly around $1,770 before the taxes which is going to make it even more costly than iPhone XS … Read more

Samsung is going to announce Android 9 Pie Beta for Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+


When Google made the Android 9 Pie update official, the smartphone makers started making plans for the release of Android 9 Pie on their handsets. Few noted ones are, OnePlus and Nokia as they released the official Android 9 Pie update while Xiaomi’s update for Android 9 Pie is in the testing phase. Just like … Read more