A Twitter bug resulted in exposing private tweets of some Android users for 5 years

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If you are a user of Twitter from your Android phone anytime since 2014, you might want to re-check your settings. Twitter announced it on their Help Center page today that some Android users had their private tweets exposed for years because of a security bug. This issue resulted in Twitter for Android app to disable the … Read more

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat is reported to be in the production phase


There is good news for Apple fans. Apple’s long-awaited AirPower wireless charging mat might be finally in the production phase if the reports coming out are true. This rumor has been confirmed via a tweet from ChargerLAB,  which says that they got to know from a “credible source” that Apple has started making the long-delayed wireless … Read more

iPhone 11 reported to have faster WiFi but no confirmation about 5G


It’s been 4 months since iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR were released by Apple, which indicates that now we should start thinking about what features will be included in the 2019 iPhones. According to the new reports, iPhone 11could have the latest support for Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax: the fastest Wi-Fi standard in existence. At the … Read more

Huawei workers got caught in Poland on espionage charges


Two individuals were caught by Polish Police because of conducting espionage on behalf of the Chinese government. One is a Chinese man who is the head of Huawei’s sales in the country, while the other is a Polish national and employee of the telecoms provider Orange Polska. The network has recently partnered with Huawei to make … Read more

Promises made by Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T to close data access after location-tracking scandal

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According to Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T, they are stepping up there efforts to crack down on the misuse of customer location data after an investigation this week disclosed that how easy it was for the third parties to track the locations of customers. The announcements were the second promise from carriers in the past year … Read more

Google deleted 85 adware apps that affected 9 Million Android users

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Google has deleted 85 apps from its Play Store after they discovered that these apps were forcing aggressive, full-screen adware to Android users. With the increase in mobile phone technology, Adware has become one of the most prominent mobile threats in the world. Adware are generally used to aggressively force ads like banners or pop-ups … Read more

Intel’s Project Athena is forcing PC makers to make ‘advanced laptops’


A new push is being made by Intel to force Laptop makers into creating advanced laptops. This new project is given the name of “Project Athena” which involves including 5G and AI support wrapped up in what looks like Ultrabooks part two. Intel is making annual specs that the laptop makers are going to need … Read more

Intel released the demo of the first Lakefield chip design


A few years ago, Intel engineer Wilfred Gomes and his fellow workers sat down to decide how the future should look. The team had just finished its work on Intel’s next-generation high-performance and low-power processes, both of which is going to decrease the size of the company’s chip designs to new extremes. The chip maker showed off … Read more

iPhone 11 showed off by Apple with a triple-lens camera


It is not expected for iPhone 11 to be released, but the first renders supposedly showing the phone have started surfing on the internet and they are pretty detailed ones. The images which are surfing on the internet are showing off the back of one of Apple’s next flagships, with the most obvious feature being … Read more

More advanced Phishing techniques are being used on Apple users


Apple users are not new to phishing scam attempts, but now the scammers are becoming more advanced and clever that scams are getting harder to differentiate from the actual Apple communication. Security expert and researcher Brian Krebs highlights one latest phishing scams he has seen, where an incoming phone call seems to be from the official … Read more