Microsoft is going to inform you about what data of yours it has

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There are certain big tech giants such as Facebook who are suffering from the issues of privacy. Microsoft is currently working on a project code-named “Bali” which is being made to give users more control over the data collected about them online. The project, which is currently in the private testing stage, is being developed … Read more

Microsoft’s next generation consoles are codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart

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Microsoft is keeping on reptile-themed codenames for its gaming console Xbox. The first Xbox One was codenamed Durango and the Xbox One X was given the codename Scorpio. The codenames of the upcoming gaming consoles of Microsoft are “Anaconda” and “Lockhart” Microsoft’s two planned next-gen consoles, and the successors for both the Xbox One X and Xbox One … Read more

Windows 10 October 2018 update is now available without any bugs

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Microsoft has finally got rid of the blocking bugs that affected some of the Windows 10 users from installing the latest October 2018 Update. The big tech giants originally re-released this update last month, following some file deletion issues after its original release in October. Ever since then Microsoft has been working hard enough to … Read more

Google accepts Microsoft’s shift to Chromium, but Mozilla doesn’t

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Microsoft confirmed the rumors that the company is indeed moving its Edge browser to Google’s open-source Chromium engine. This change is going to result in making Microsoft Edge more faster and also making things much more simple and easier for developers. This move also indicates that Microsoft Edge will be far more compatible with websites, … Read more

Microsoft is going to build its own Chromium browser

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Microsoft after years of working with Edge is now looking to make a Chromium browser to replace the default on Windows 10. Microsoft Edge was first introduced by the software giants three years ago, with the approach of replacing it with Internet Explorer and modernize the default browsing experience to compete with Chrome and others. While the … Read more

Microsoft gets a $480 million military contract to outfit soldiers with HoloLens

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The US Army has given a contract worth nearly $480 million to Microsoft to give the military branch round about 100K HoloLens AR headsets for training and combat usage. The two-year contract can result in order of headsets more than 100,000 headsets according to documentation describing the bidding process. One of the contract’s tagline is … Read more

Google, Microsoft, and Qualcomm collaborating on Chrome for Windows on ARM


Windows 10 is catching up to give competitions to all of the other operating systems by offering better support for ARM processors, but this also means that third-party developers will also have to work more and make their apps compatible and faster in a new ecosystem. Google now has begun its work for an improved … Read more

Microsoft has started to sell Amazon’s Echo devices

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Cortana was launched originally on Windows Phone about 5 five years ago before being integrated into Windows 10 but it looks like that Microsoft is soon disbanding the service. A Twitter user noticed that Microsoft has now started to sell Amazon’s Echo on its retail stores. This includes the both new Echo Dot and the older … Read more

Doors opened by Microsoft to Better Windows on ARM Apps

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It was announced by Microsoft today that the Microsoft Store will be accepting the apps submissions made for the 64-bit ARM (ARM64) architecture With the release of latest Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9 earlier this week, developers can now create ARM64 apps using officially supported SDK and tools. It was first announced by Microsoft for Windows … Read more