Facebook is thinking of letting cross-messaging between all of its platforms


According to several reports, Facebook is thinking of letting cross-messaging between Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Each of these platforms will continue to operate as an independent app, but according to the reports, Facebook is re-developing the underlying infrastructure so the users who might use only one of Facebook’s properties could talk with others within … Read more

Instagram stickers now allows you to send music


On Tuesday, Facebook-owned Instagram introduced new features that allows users to interact with each other in new ways. Instagram now allows you to use question stickers in Live, and people can respond to questions with music. The question stickers are going to be more useful now, as users will now be able to answer questions with … Read more

Instagram rolled out voice messages for DMs


You must think that Facebook is master at copying its features. Five years ago Facebook Messenger took a hint from Whatsapp and launched voice messaging for its service. Four months ago it was being reported that Instagram was testing its the voice messaging feature, and voice messaging is rolling out globally on Instagram Direct today. … Read more

Instagram will get rid of fake follows, comments, and likes


Instagram wants to get rid of fake follows, likes, and comments by bots and remove them actively. Any fake likes comments and follows from accounts that use third-party services to get more audience on their accounts are going to now be removed for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. Those people who … Read more

Facebook and Instagram down reports from all across the world


Several people on the internet are reporting that they are having a problem accessing Facebook just after 1 pm GMT. According to some news websites, there have been many reports regarding this problem with Facebook from far and wide – including countries like USA, Vietnam, Argentina, Pakistan, India, UK and many more. This problem started … Read more

Instagram tool unintentionally exposed users passwords


Just like many other sites users have the option of downloading their data, the same way Instagram users were also asking for such an option. The new Download Your Data tool that let the users get that information may have left some users passwords exposed. Instagram’s spokesperson said that the issue was “discovered internally and affected a very … Read more

Instagram now shows how much time you spend on it


Just a few months back it was announced by Instagram and Facebook that they are going to introduce a new feature of dashboard activity that will track how much time users spend on the apps, but the features never materialized. Now Instagram has finally introduced this latest feature with the name “Your Activity” which includes such … Read more

You can now share songs from Shazam directly to Instagram Stories

The Shazam app which is owned by Apple has been updated to version 12.3 a few days ago. This new update of Shazam comes with the feature of integration with Instagram, allowing users to share songs they discover through Shazam on Instagram Stories. Apple officially bought the Shazam back in the month of September after a … Read more

Instagram is going to allow ads through stories


Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature known as “Promote for Stories” which will allow businesses and advertisement agencies to promote their products through Instagram Stories. It just like Facebook’s option of “Boost”, advertisers and businesses will be able to target certain users through this feature based on a variety of characteristics. Through the feature “Promote … Read more