Huawei workers got caught in Poland on espionage charges


Two individuals were caught by Polish Police because of conducting espionage on behalf of the Chinese government. One is a Chinese man who is the head of Huawei’s sales in the country, while the other is a Polish national and employee of the telecoms provider Orange Polska. The network has recently partnered with Huawei to make … Read more

The White House thinking of trade ban on Chinese telecom equipments

White House

The White House is thinking about an executive order that is going to ban the American phone carriers from purchasing devices from Chinese telecom companies and would ban the Chinese telecom companies, according to news reports. Such a move is going to affect the Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE who are the two … Read more

Huawei Wi-Fi deal with Washington Redskins broke down because of government concerns


The US government is doing its best to keep Huawei isolated. In 2014, an agreement was reached between Huawei and the Washington Redskins to give Wi-Fi in the viewing suites at FedEx Field during games, according to reports. But that agreement was considered as invalid after a government advisor issued an “unofficial federal complaint” to … Read more

Huawei rolled out Nova 4 hole punch display and 48 MP rear camera


Huawei has rolled out the Nova 4 smartphone. The most amazing feature of this smartphone is the circular “hole-punch” cut-out for the 25-megapixel selfie camera. Huawei Nova 4 looks great the way it is, but the Nova 4 isn’t the flagship of the company but an upper mid-tier device, packing the Kirin 970 chipset. Same … Read more

USA govt. trying to persuade its allies to ban Huawei equipments


According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, the US government is trying to persuade its allies to ban Huawei equipment in their countries because of security risks. According to reports, US government officials have met the officials of Germany, Japan, and Italy, and are offering a financial bonus to countries who choose to ban equipment … Read more

Huawei is testing Google’s Fuchsia OS on the Honor Play


On Thanksgiving, Google gave everyone a surprise and a new change in code reveals about the first smartphone to be used for Fuchsia OS. Fuchsia OS is Google’s in-development OS that will be for devices of all kinds and the first smartphone to be used for Fuchsia is surprisingly Huawei’s. Huawei and Google have a … Read more

Honor 10 gets a new software update, brings camera improvements and party mode

Honor 10 AI

Huawei’s Honor 10 was just recently launched, and the device is already getting a new software update. This new one brings a bunch of exciting new features for the handset. For starters, you get the newly enhanced party mode, which uses your phone’s near field communication chip and allows other Honor 10 users to connect and … Read more