A Twitter bug resulted in exposing private tweets of some Android users for 5 years

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If you are a user of Twitter from your Android phone anytime since 2014, you might want to re-check your settings. Twitter announced it on their Help Center page today that some Android users had their private tweets exposed for years because of a security bug. This issue resulted in Twitter for Android app to disable the … Read more

More advanced Phishing techniques are being used on Apple users


Apple users are not new to phishing scam attempts, but now the scammers are becoming more advanced and clever that scams are getting harder to differentiate from the actual Apple communication. Security expert and researcher Brian Krebs highlights one latest phishing scams he has seen, where an incoming phone call seems to be from the official … Read more

Hackers have teamed up to hack Chromecasts for promoting PewDiePie’s channel


Two hackers with the names of HackerGiraffe and j3ws3r have teamed up to promote the most famous Youtube channel “PewDiePie” by forcing TVs to display a message encouraging people to subscribe to his YouTube channel. The did these attacks the settings of the routers that make smart devices, like Chromecasts and Google Homes vulnerable, and publicly … Read more

Fake wax hands are being used by hackers to fool vein authentication security


Biometric security known as Vein Authentication is a method that scans the veins in your hand has been hacked according to reports. Jan Krissler and Julian Albrecht demonstrated that how you will be able to bypass scanners made by Hitachi and Fujitsu by using a fake a wax hand. Hitachi and Fujitsu cover around 95% … Read more

Malware suspected in becoming a hurdle for many newspapers’ production


A malware attack is suspected in becoming a hurdle in the production of many newspapers on Saturday, big newspapers such as Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. The attack on Saturday appeared to originate outside the United States, according to news reports. The computer systems were affected by this malware attack at Tribune Publishing’s … Read more