Android Q will let two apps run simultaneously without pausing


From November 7-9, Google Dev Summit 2018 was held in California. Lots of developers talked about a lot of changes which will be found in the upcoming Android Q. One big feature that will be added is Multi-Resume support for applications. Android developers are given the tools required through which they can integrate this feature in Android … Read more

Google is using AI to help The New York Times resurrect historical pictures


The New York Times never deleted the pictures they captured. In a basement under their office, there are pictures between 5-7 million inside their cabinets and drawers, along with information about when they were published and why and that basement is known as “morgue”. Now they are taking help from Google, who will help them … Read more

Chrome is going to crack down on sites that trick you into an unwanted subscription


When you are surfing on the Internet you probably don’t think too much about the bad side of the internet. You also don’t know that whether your browser is going to protect you from such bad side of the internet or not but, Google thought about your well being and is going to completely change … Read more

Android Is Soon Going to Allow You Update Its Apps While You’re Still Using Them


There are several reports coming out that Google is going to introduce a new feature that is going to let the users continue using Android apps while they’re being updated. This feature is still being tested according to Google and this feature is a part of Android’s In-Apps update API. Stephanie Cuthbertson, Android’s Director of … Read more

Samsung and Google are going to team up for a foldable smartphone


Samsung’s foldable phone is expected to be that device which is going to change the way we understand these devices in the same way the iPhone changed the industry more than a decade ago. It is gonna completely change the smartphone industry and it is expected that we are going to see a lot of such … Read more

Google to soon turn off Android’s Nearby Notifications due to spam


In 2015, Google launched a feature called Nearby Notifications but due to the fact that is has become a marketplace for companies to send ads directly to users. Google is soon discontinuing the Nearby Notifications later this year due to the huge amount of spam Android users were receiving. The original idea behind this feature … Read more