Google Assistant will now able to make charities and donations


What a way to start 2019 on a positive note is by donating to a charity of your choice. And now a new way is introduced by Google and that is through Google Assistant. At the start of December 2018, the Play Store introduced a built-in feature to make donations to charitable organizations right from Android. … Read more

U.S court dismisses lawsuit against Google over facial recognition software


A lawsuit was filed against Google by consumers who said that Google’s photo sharing and storage service went against privacy was dismissed on Saturday by a U.S. judge on the basis of lack of “concrete injuries.” In the original suit, a woman filed a lawsuit against Google for allegedly uploading her data to Google Photos … Read more

Google is going to release Anti-Spam feature

Messaging app

Everyone who uses smartphones must hate spam text. But now there are reports coming out that some Android users are receiving a new spam protection feature from Google in their Messages app. According to the news reports, the launch of this update seems to be limited to some Android users as it isn’t live on … Read more

Google fined by Russian Authorities for showing blocked websites in search results


According to the reports, Google has to pay a fine of nearly  500,000 rubles which is equal to $7,350 charged Russian communications watchdog Roskomnadzor for violation of law that needs search engines to delete the links to resources with illegal information from search results. The Russian telecoms authority Roskomnadzor has filed a lawsuit against Google because … Read more

December patch fixed Pixel 3/3 XL problems for some users

Last month a strange problem was found with the Google Pixel 3 series that resulted in the device to produce a fatal error in third-party camera apps. That means if you want to take a picture through Snapchat, for example, you would be shown with a camera error message and the camera of the phone wouldn’t work until you reboot … Read more

Google releases Chrome Canvas a web based drawing tool

Chrome Canvas

Interesting new web apps are always released by Google for their users to take full use of them Most of these apps are one-off side projects that never really go anywhere, such as Chrome Music Lab’s “Song Maker” tool, which was released back in March. Even though most of these apps are mostly small experiments … Read more

Google has stopped Chinese data collection program after DragonFly controversy


Google has shut down the data collection program in China and struck a major blow to the controversial Dragonfly project, according to news reports. According to the report, Google is still finding the options for Chinese web searches in an effort to release the search engine that will work in according to the country’s censorship … Read more

Google Photos will no longer offer unlimited storage space for unsupported videos

Google Photos

Google Photos is a popular photo storage service offering free unlimited storage for photos and videos for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC as long as you don’t mind that Google compresses your files a bit to save space. When Google rolled out Photos after some changes in 2015 they made a promise with users of free … Read more