Android Q might be released with variety of privacy protections

Android Q

Android Q is the upcoming OS, and details about the new OS are coming out. At the start of this week, findings were published by XDA Developers regarding its permissions in the Android Q framework, some of which has to do with better privacy for users. The most surprising permission change could involve clipboard permissions. … Read more

Google asked Supreme Court to make the final call in its dispute with Oracle


After many years of legal rulings, Google is finally asking the Supreme Court to take a decision in its infamous dispute with Oracle. It was announced by Google, that they have filed a petition with the Court, asking the justices to determine what are the boundaries of copyrights law in code. This case started in … Read more

Google Hangouts will start closing down from October 2019


It was previously announced by Google that its most popular messaging app, Google Hangouts, would be closing down. In a post on the GSuite Updates blog, Google disclosed the details about what the Hangouts shutdown will look like, and the company shared some of its plan to transition Hangouts users to “Hangouts Chat,” a separate … Read more

Google deleted 85 adware apps that affected 9 Million Android users

Play Store

Google has deleted 85 apps from its Play Store after they discovered that these apps were forcing aggressive, full-screen adware to Android users. With the increase in mobile phone technology, Adware has become one of the most prominent mobile threats in the world. Adware are generally used to aggressively force ads like banners or pop-ups … Read more

Apple trolls CES with a big shot at its rivals


Looking at the history, Apple never had an official presence at CES. It doesn’t seem surprising looking at the company’s success at hosting and hyping its own product launch events long before the iPod and iPhone brought Apple to the top of the technology mountain. Apple has also a very unique look to its marketing of … Read more

New features are being tested for Google Photos

Google Photos

As first introduced with Google News in 2018, the grid of icons for contacts and apps are replaced by two carousels. This decreases the height of the share sheet but the point which is most important is that it helps in obviating the lag associated with waiting for contacts and app sharing to load. Users won’t be … Read more

Android Messages will soon have an automatic spam protection feature

Messaging app

It has been confirmed by Google that new feature of automatic spam protection inside the default Android Messages app has begun releasing to some users. After showing a notification to let the user know that the feature has been turned on, after that the app is going to analyze messages that are sent to you … Read more

Chrome OS laggy tablet mode to be fixed by Google


Chrome OS was introduced as a laptop platform, but with the passage of time, it is being presumed as a tablet due to some factors. Most recently, many have noted the poor performance of tablet mode especially on Chrome OS products like the Pixel Slate, but Google is working to fix this issue of poor performance. … Read more