Stickers finally coming to WhatsApp

Stickers are a way of modern messaging in which one explain his emotions and feelings through special characters’ animation and it was hard to believe that one of the most popular messaging apps didn’t have Stickers up until now, but finally, they are now coming to WhatsApp.

In a blog post, the company announced that the stickers are soon coming to Android and iOS in the coming weeks and some users have even received them with the latest update which brings the support for this new feature.

You can access the stickers through the stickers menu which can be accessed by tapping on the next sticker icon in the text input field. Just like Facebook’s and Messenger’s sticker system, you will have to download the sticker pack from the sticker store before you can use it.

Currently, the stickers are available from some of WhatsApp designer along with some sticker packs from other artists.

WhatsApp has also added support for user’s own third-party sticker apps on both iOS and Android. If you have any sticker pack published as an app on App Store or Play Store, you can add these stickers to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has also mentioned how you can create your own stickers for WhatsApp and you can read more about it here.

[Source: WhatsApp]

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