Spotify testing its app for Apple Watch

Spotify has started the testing for its Apple Watch app. Spotify Beta testers for iOS apps have been given access to the app. The first version of the app appears to have only one functions such as controlling playback.

It seems like Spotify is soon going to release its app for Apple Watch but without the much-needed offline support that would allow Premium subscribers to sync songs to an Apple Watch and use it without an iPhone nearby.

Apple watch
[Source: The App Factor]
This app won’t have any offline support for now, which is going to disappoint a lot Apple Watch users that have been waiting for this particular app.

Spotify has been working closely with the developer of the unofficial Snowy app that brought offline Spotify playback to the Apple Watch.

In these past few years, a lot of apps from the Apple Watch has been removed. Such as Google, Amazon, Instagram, and Twitter removed their official apps from Apple Watch. In such time an official app from Spotify is key for Apple Watch. Spotify didn’t yet reveal that when they are going to release this app for Apple Watch.

One of Spotify’s spokespersons said in a statement :

“We’re always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time”

We can only hope that it will be released soon so Apple Watch users can have something to enjoy from.

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