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Spotify giving a free Google Home Mini to family account owners

If you are a user of Spotify and are looking to sign up for a Premium Family Plan then now is the time that you make that decision. For a limited, Spotify is giving a free Google Home Mini to everyone who signs up via a special link.

Spotify announced today that it has partnered with Google to give out Google’s latest voice assistant to any account owner, existing or new who sign up before December 31st as the offer is running till 31st December and starts from tomorrow, Nov 1st.

Google Home Mini
[Source: ExpertReviews]
The Spotify Family Plan cost about $14.99/month and it gets you all the Premium services for up to six members which means that you will get ad-free music streaming without any issue and will be able to download music to your device.

It is a strategic move made by Spotify to fight its competitors as Amazon Music saw a huge growth with its integration with Amazon Echo and Spotify is look to fight its competitor with voice assistant.

The current rival for Spotify is Amazon Music which saw a huge growth due to Amazon Echo and YouTube Music and Google Play Music are far behind these two services. So, Spotify partnered up with Google due to the success of Google Home Speakers.

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