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Spotify Gets Redesigned With New Features

There are tons of apps available for different platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS. The different apps are feature-rich for different functions for you. Some of the apps are made for office work others are for entertainment like games, videos, and music. One of the many entertaining apps is Spotify while this one allows you to listen to music. Spotify might actually be one of the most popular music apps around the world. It has a lot of features for users that make it a good option to make music accessible. The app is supported on Windows, iOS as well as Android devices.

Just like all the other apps, Spotify is continuously changing itself to become a better version. While the app already has all the basic feature including online streaming, playlist, offline, etc. The app is now changing again and you might get to see new features in it soon enough. With some customization now Spotify is more user friendly. You can see the changes in the interface as you check it on smartphones and tablets. The greetings of the morning, evening and noon according to your local time are presented to you.

There is more to this with the new update that Spotify is coming up with. Till now the app is changing the touch interface to make things easier. You are suggested with music that you might like right on your home page. All the things that you want to access are right on your screen one touch away. This time around things might change further and a voice activation feature might come along. Voice activation as it sounds is similar to the voice command. This is something that some of the people might actually like to have in their regular app.

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