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Sony’s New Wireless Headset For Athletes Seen in Patent

Sony is one of the manufacturers that have made a lot of products that are popular. A wide range of products from smartphones, home appliances, TV, Music systems, and headsets are made by Sony. Some of the popular headset by Sony include  WH-1000XM3, WF-XB700, and WI-SP510, etc that include both wireless and wired headsets. A company as big as Sony surely cant with just the things it has made so it is making more different products. This time it is a headset made for athletes but it is only seen on papers so far. There is not a lot that is revealed on this product but the design and fresh looks are made clear.

Last year the company had put on a [atent on a wearable wireless headset and now it has finally shown up. The patent is out and the wireless headset for athletes and outdoor activities can be seen. There are some diagrams of this product and images in this patent and not much is revealed. The specs and features are not clear yet but the design gives some idea on these new wireless headsets. It has a unique look and can come with features that are more accessible as these are made for outdoor use.

The short description provided by the company tells about the earphones and confirms they are wireless. These earphones made especially for outdoor activities are even mentioned to be wearable with a helmet. The design of these earphones seems unique and a pad is attached with a loop to the bud. This pad can be used to operate as to lower the volume or pick a call etc but nothing is said on it. It will take some time before these earphones some into the market as these are not even announced yet.

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