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Sony Xperia 1 II Coming Soon

There is a long list of tech companies from around the world that have been taking part in the market. While many have come around now to become big some have been around for a while now. Sony is one of the smartphone manufacturers that got lost somewhere between the last decade. Sony did make one of the first premium smartphones that were as hyped as the current smartphones are. The most hyped and popular phone by Sony was Xperia that was also the most popular phone of its time. Seems like Sony is making a comeback now after the suppressed market it faced in the last few years.

Now Sony is bringing its new flagship called Sony Xperia 1 II or Sony Xperia One Mark Two. As the name suggests it is another one of the Xperia by Sony. As it is the flagship Sony is bringing the leading Chipset, new camera setup, and 5G support. More reports suggest that Sony is working on another device called Xperia Pro made for Video making purposes. Most of the things are put together that match the specs of most leading smartphones in the sense of hardware as well.

The device has a 4K HDR OLED 6.5” panel of the cinematic ratio of 21:9 which doesn’t seem too shabby. This new Xperia isn’t made with the high refresh rate screen rather Sony decided to have Motion Blur Reduction in it. While this doesn’t have a 90Hz refresh rate screen it matches the performance with less lag without the same frame rate. The camera setup of 12MP main + 12MP ultrawide + 12MP telephoto seems similar with a bit changed positioning on the rear. Xperia 1II might seem a bit similar to Xperia 1 but it comes with better and wider sensors like any upgrade.

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