Sony Posts PS5 Teardown Video on YouTube

The official Sony YouTube channel has posted a video which shows the complete tear down of their upcoming ps5 gaming console and it gives all the users and insight into all the components that come together to make the ps5. The video is very well presented and a technician from Sony does all the teardown. In the video, the technician from Sony shows you all the different sides of the gaming console and all the ports that it has.

You can clearly see in the video that it has two USB ports and Ethernet port and HDMI port and a power supply port which you will be able to use to connect the console to a display and in the front you will find a USB c port along with a common USB port as well. The Sony technician first shows you how you can remove the stand which is below the council and can be easily removed using a flat head screwdriver. This is done so that you can place the console on its side by attaching the stand on one of its size and it fits there perfectly.

The design of the council stand makes it a very convenient counsel because you can keep it up right and also so stop the console on its side if you do not have enough space for it to stand. The design of the console is very well built and you will also see a lot of third-party stands for this council because of its unique design. The technician then goes on to remove the side panels which are also relatively easy to remove which means we will most likely see many third party options in the near future when the council is released is festive season.

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