Sony releases new V5.03 update for the PlayStation 4

When it comes to Gaming consoles, the first name that comes to our mind is PlayStation, a lot of variants of this console is available, and they even offer VR functionality on a budget. Recently the PlayStation 4 has received a new update from Sony, and the users of the console are eagerly waiting to know the changes it brings, so in this article, we will be telling you about the new update that is available worldwide to install.

Sony Play Station 4
Image of the PlayStation 4.
Image courtesy: sony

At present, the PlayStation 4 is running on the V5.0 software, and the new update comes with a version number V5.03. This new software weighs at 375MB and is must to install which means you can’t skip it, as you will start the console the software update screen will appear and with a normal internet connection it won’t take much time. The update brings small changes to the console which are hardly noticeable. As compared to the last update which was arrived on October the V5.0, this new update is nowhere comparable.

Sony PS4
Image of the PlayStation 4 console.
Image courtesy: ebay .com

The update V5.0 brings a lot of changes including the refinement in streaming, better friend list, an improved quick menu and new parental control features. The official changelog of this update says “The system software update improves system performance.” In case you are wondering that if it doesn’t bring any new features then why should you install it, we have already mentioned above that this is a mandatory update and a user can’t run his/her console without installing it.

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