Snapchat Launches New Version of Spectacles: Spectacles v2 Launched

We already know how bad the idea of Spectacles by Snapchat was. Tons of units were unsold, and Snapchat wasn’t quite sure how to handle the grieving situation. But still, there were leaks about Snapchat Inc. working on another set of Spectacles. And as announced by the CEO a week ago, the Spectacles v2 are here with many improvements.

So what’s with the new Spectacles? These updated version of the Spectacles cost $20 more than the previous ones. Making them to cost around a total of $150. The newer ones look much thinner and sleeker compared to the previous ones. Added ability to take still photos under water-resistance is an added value to the Spectacles v2. The v2 comes with an added microphone built-in to enhance the quality of far-field voices but you shouldn’t worry about the extra background noise, they’ll be cancelled along with this microphone. There’s a new WiFi chip inside the Spectacles v2 to make transfer files easier.

Snapchat Spectacles v2

Gone are the days for scanning QR code in order to sync your Spectacles with your smartphone. Now you can simply connect it to Bluetooth and hold the shutter button for a few seconds. The v2 now features enhancements to the image quality as there is a 25% bump up in the pixels quantity. As per an average user, the Spectacles v2 would last up to a week on a single charge. The new charging case on the other hand can juice up your Spectacles v2 for at least 4 times.

The Spectacles v2 are out now and are available to order from the Snapchat app or Snap Inc’s website. There are three color variants available – Onyx, Ruby, and Sapphire.

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