Snapchat introduces Snap Camera for Desktop

For the first time in history, Snapchat released a camera version of the Snap for the desktop. It is called as Snap Camera. Which lets people use its signature augmented reality selfie lenses inside of other desktop apps. SnapChat has also worked out a deal with Twitch, which will let the users use different Snapchat lenses when they are live streaming.

It is available for Windows and Mac and will let you use the Snapchat filters/lenses also including those which are made by different Snapchat users.

[Source: Snapchat]
Snapchat’Vice President, Eitan Pilipski, said in a statement that :

We saw there is a shift in the community where anyone who wants to be creative wants to build AR(Augmented reality) applications, but they don’t have the skills to build a standalone app. What Snap Camera signals are that we at Snapchat wanted to make sure that we are leading the industry and leading the creative community in terms of providing them the ability to have a presence in AR.

Once you are finished installing the Snap Camera, you can choose Snap Camera as default for other apps, like Skype or Google Hangouts, so you can use the lenses within those apps. Snap has made a deal with Twitch so game streamers can use the AR effects while they stream.

This latest app provides a chance to Snapchat, to expand its reach without depending upon its sole application. Snap Camera doesn’t require a Snapchat account to use. By involving Twitch in this matter it will now attract a large amount of audience for Snap Camera.

Snap Camera is available to download from Snapchat’s website.

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