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Smartphones To Get HarmonyOS In 2020

Huawei has been trending this year for different reasons and a lot happened for them this year. The ban by the US had a huge impact on Huawei as a Chinese company. Most of the people thought like that but turned out that Huawei was not much affected by this ban by the US. This year was as great as ever for the Chinese tech giant and no major loss was faced by it. Some forward steps were taken by the company when it had to do things by itself after US-based companies were not allowed to support them. Most common example is Google that cant support Huawei with apps and services.

HarmonyOS was one of the things that Huawei has for its devices and now the OS will be available on smartphones too. The company can make android devices but they won’t be getting any of the google apps or services. Everyone is used to the easy to access services and apps made by Google so Huawei had to do everything again. The Harmony OS will make its first-ever appearance on smartphones by Huawei. This OS won’t change the fact that the device is android and it doesn’t support Google Apps and services.

The interesting thing about this HarmonyOS on androids is that happening next year holds more news. Not only will it be available for Androids for the first time it will be available for other brands too. President of Huawei mentioned that Harmony OS will go international next year with not just limited to Huawei. Smartphones from other companies will also be using HramonyOS as skin while it will be available publicly open source. The flagship devices from Huawei might be the one next year with HarmonyOS running.

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