Skype for Web gets new features

If you are a user of Skype then you will be happy to know that Microsoft is bringing all the latest features to its web-based version of the app or at least to the preview version.

Skype for Web Preview has received a big update which you can access from the Skype Preview website providing the fact if you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

[Source: Microsoft]
Microsoft has brought all the latest features from desktop and mobile version to the Skype Web Preview. This means that now you can enjoy HD Video Group Calling and Group Calls and you can record the calls too.

There is also a new Notifications panel which collects all your reactions to messages, mentions in group chats, and more in one place so, it will be easier for you to see what’s happening at a glance.

Along with that, there is also a search function which also you to search specific messages from any conversation. There is also the addition of a Chat Media Gallery which holds a track of all the links, files, and media that you have received for quick access.

There have been reports that soon Microsoft will add the feature of sending money which will allow the Windows 10 users to send money via their PayPal account through Skype, the feature currently being tested.

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