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Samsung’s registered patents could hint its upcoming smartphone plans

Looks like in 2017 Samsung registered a lot of patents for its future smartphone designs and many of them are now popping up at the World Intellectual Property Organization. These filed patents show various forms of Bezel-less smartphone design but as you may know now all of them or maybe not even one of them could see the daylight anytime soon.

These are concepts that Samsung’s R&D department has imagines are quite interesting starting with these one mentioned below, we can see a bezel-less totality here, with combinations of notches that hold various sensors from a camera, to maybe even Iris scanners. But none of them show us a Dual-rear camera’s in their schematics, so these likely won’t end up anytime soon.

Because we have seen the Galaxy S9 plus to have a dual camera setup, apart from that, some of these design features, a home-button, more like a concept which shows how Samsung might embed the fingerprint scanner under the display. And it’s not one patent showing that almost every one of them depicts the same.

This is a very strong indication that Samsung in the coming future will surely make a device that will sport under the display fingerprint scanner. Moving further, we can see a tiny notch patent shows that the South-Korean giant also wishes to place the front facing camera not only at the top-center spot but also at the top-right corner.

Let’s see which patents among them makes it to the production device, and we wish it to be anyone from the first two designs.


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