Samsung working on a cheap Bixby powered speakers

It is being reported that Samsung is working on a mini and cheap version of its Galaxy Home smart speaker which are powered by Bixby.

The features and specs of this new device are not yet known it is presumed to have fewer of the features of the main Galaxy Home that Samsung announced in August.

[Source: Engadget]
The second Bixby speaker reportedly has the model number SM-V310, while the Galaxy Home is model number SM-V510, which indicates that there could be more Bixby smart speakers down this path.

While the main Galaxy Home, is still not released by Samsung and is yet to come in market, which could compete with Apple HomePod, which is priced at $349, the mini Bixby-powered speaker could compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo which are available for less than $200.

As reported, the mini Bixby speaker will have fewer features than the Galaxy Home such as fewer microphones than the Galaxy Home and perhaps lack a subwoofer.

The main Galaxy Home, which was revealed in the US during the flagship Galaxy Note 9 rollout, is expected to have eight microphones.

Supported by three stout metal legs, the main Galaxy Home looks like a mini space capsule, wrapped in black fabric with a flat top housing touch-enabled control buttons.

There are rumors that Samsung could showcase the mini Galaxy Home at CES 2019 to be held in Las Vegas from January 8-11.

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