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Samsung To Launch Galaxy Note 20 And Fold 2 In Mid 2020

As we know that sales of smartphones decreased very much and it affected each and every company. All the companies are ready to come back and Samsung is all ready for it. We got to see Note 10 earlier with hell lots of features but now we’re talking about Note 20. The phone will be a blast and Note series has a worldwide fan base. The company is also launching its Fold 2 soon that will shake the market of smartphones. These 2 devices will get all the features that you will need.

Samsung is the best company to make premium displays of their devices. The world got the premium curved display and Samsung introduced those curved displays. We are thankful for that as Samsung always looks forward to making their devices more premium. We will get a top-class camera in Note 20 for sure. The phone will get a stylus as Note series are famous for stylus and most of the users buy Note series for that only. Samsung will not disappoint its fans who are eagerly waiting for the launch of these 2 flagship smartphones.

We will get a 5G chip in both the devices as the market is full of devices with 5G support. Samsung Fold 2 will be a blast because we will be able to use Fold 2 like a tablet and a normal smartphone at the same time. Covid-19 can affect the sales and even the launch date of these two devices. Galaxy Note 20 is likely to get a full-screen display without any bezels. The punch hole camera is likely to get removed as per the rumours and we will get a full-screen display without any holes in it.

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