Samsung S30: Rumours And Leaks

Samsung has always been surprising their users with their new ideas and technology. We have seen a lot of Samsung devices with new technology and it’s never enough for Samsung. The company launched the Galaxy S20 series which was a hit with great camera setups. Many other companies took inspiration from Samsung but Samsung is the best in the market without any doubt. Samsung makes beautiful displays and the company introduced us to curved displays which are loved by its users. Curved displays are beautiful and their work is also flawless.

As we all know that it’s time for Apple to launch its iPhone 12 series and they are gonna launch it soon. Samsung will come up with a new idea for their Samsung Galaxy S30 series as per the rumors. It is rumored that Samsung is going to use 6 cameras at the backside of Galaxy S30. This is not it because Samsung is likely to add cameras at the back of Galaxy S30 that move. Yes, cameras that move and we can’t confirm this news because these all are leaks and rumors but we could see 6 cameras in Samsung Galaxy S30 that move.

Samsung is always ahead of all the companies because it is literally the best company. Samsung Galaxy S30 will fire up the market of smartphones and maybe Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 will get affected. Right now the users are waiting for Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 20 series and it is rumored that Samsung Galaxy Note 20 can get delayed. It can come late but it will be a blast for sure because Samsung is planning something big this time.

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