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Samsung Patents Blood Flow Pattern Recognition Tech

Samsung often patents cutting-edge new technology and this time an interesting piece of information is available for the Samsung lovers. Earlier some data was revealed about an upcoming technology from Samsung in which a smartphone was visible with a built-in breathalyzer and this time some new patents from Samsung are there which depicts some extraordinary features that may be implemented in future, so let’s check out more about them.

Samsung Blood flow Unlock Patents
The image is showing the latest Samsung patents.
Image courtesy: galaxyclub .nl

In some recent patents filed in the U.S patent office, it has been revealed that Samsung is working on a technology in which the device will be able to recognize the blood flow of the user and will unlock the device. At first, it sounds crazy as we haven’t seen anything close to it yet, this tech will work on the principle arterial conduction paths of different users are different, which means that blood flow pattern of every person is different from each other.

Samsung Blood flow Unlock Patents
The image is showing the Samsung’s upcoming Blood flow unlock technology.
Image courtesy: galaxyclub .nl

As per the images, the technology will be able to work on a Smartphone, Smartwatch, and Laptop which is a great thing. This technology is very different from what we have witnessed on the Fingerprint Scanners and is almost impossible to fool. Recently we have seen that how Face ID on the latest iPhone X can be fooled and is not accurate, but this new upcoming technology is looking promising and may offer the next level of security. If you are wondering Samsung might be providing this in the Galaxy S9 or Note 9 then you are wrong as it looks too futuristic for the current Tech industry, maybe we will witness something like this in 2020 or later.

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