Samsung Patented Futuristic Foldable Display technology Leaked

When it comes to futuristic designs of the smartphones, Samsung was the first to introduce that Dual-Curved Edge technology which looks meaningful and useful at the same time. Recently Samsung was in headlines due to the leaks about their much awaited Galaxy S9-series devices, in today’s article we are back with some interesting information about Samsung. Recently some patents were revealed which shows some cool futuristic designs of the devices so let’s know more about them.

Image showing the Samsung patented design.
Image courtesy: theandroidsoul .com

For a while, we have been hearing that a smartphone with a foldable screen will be arriving soon. But every time this concept is disappeared and left uncovered, However this time it looks like Samsung may be coming with something exceptional, recently LetsGoDigital initiates some patent filings of Samsung, and that shows a very close design to what people dream about. Currently, it is not known that the design will be implemented to the smartphones or for some other device.

The image is showing the Samsung patents.
Image courtesy: theandroidsoul .com

It shows a cuboidal device with a Fingerprint Scanner on the top side, covering it is a flexible OLED Screen which is rolled around the cuboidal structure. It is said that by unlocking the device by Fingerprint, the users will be able to extract the display. The patent was filed on 13th June 2017 which makes us believe that Samsung is already working on it and they might be launching something similar in the CES 2018. Although according to us the design looks too dynamic to adopt for a normal customer as they don’t use devices to look after them, they use different technologies to make their work fast and easier. These look too complex to adopt and complete information about those devices are also not available so for more updates we have to wait for further leaks.

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