Samsung Mocks Apple on Facebook

If you follow technology NEWS then you must know that the new iPhone will no longer ship with a power break inside the box and you will have to buy it separately if you don’t already have a power brick in your house already. Apple announced this in the environment section of their keynote where a spokesperson told us that to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce the amount of e-waste that is generated every year by apple, they have decided to no longer include the power brake and a pair of headphones that used to come standard with the box in every iPhone generation.

This is not a big deal for people who you are in the Apple ecosystem and have other devices that use the same power brick. For other people however, who are buying their first iPhone or they do not have a power brick lying around in their house, this is bad news because now they will have to buy a power brick separately from the Apple store which will only add to their expenses when buying a new iPhone. iPhones are already very expensive to begin with and now extra added cost will only increase the price of their new iPhone.

Samsung took this opportunity to troll Apple on Facebook by posting about how all Samsung phones come with a power brick inside the box, no matter the model. As a consumer we have seen this play out before also with the headphone jack where many smartphone manufacturers trolled Apple but still followed after any year or two. we will have to wait and see if Samsung will give in this time as well or they will hold their own.

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