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Samsung might start selling its Exynos chips to other Android OEMs


The mobile processor’s monopoly is currently dominated by four main players, that is Qualcomm, Apple, MediaTek and at the 4th place, we have Samsung. TMSC is also a major player, but it has reduced the production since more than four years now. However, according to recent reports, Samsung is looking forward to expanding its chip manufacturing business by offering its Exynos Chips to other interested Android OEMs.

This expansion will be a considerable threat for MediaTek as they’re the major players in delivering chips for the entry-level to budget segment smartphones. Because if we take a look from a buyers perspective, MediaTek chips don’t have the same reputation if we compare it to Samsung’s or Qualcomm’s offerings.

Currently, only Meizu is the one who uses an Exynos chip in its smartphones since a couple of years now and recently the Meizu M6S which is a budget-oriented Full-screen device it also uses Samsung’s latest Exynos 7872 under its hood.

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Now if we talk about some Android manufactures that could use Samsung’s chips instead of MediaTek then those will be Micromax, Intex will sure shot launch Exynos phones under 15k price bracket. While more premium OEMs like Xiaomi, HTC, and Motorola could also possibly use Exynos chips for its budget phones.

Furthermore, OEMs like Huawei, Honor are out of this equation as they develop their chips in-house, that’s their Hi-silicon Kirin processors. An absolute win-win situation will for brands like Oppo and Vivo, who usually try to charge a premium and throw in a pale MTK soc on their phones. So, they are the prime beneficiaries if Samsung’s processor business starts expanding.

So, there’s a vast market and probably a much higher bid if Samsung can deliver a better Qualcomm rival chip in the budget smartphone segment, and this will ultimately hurt sales of MediaTek, in the coming future.

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