Samsung might be releasing a squeezable phone in the future

Samsung wants to change its phones user experience with the new inclusion of new virtual keys, as well as a new ability to squeeze the display to perform certain actions.

Some of the new details have been described by SamMobile. Some of these details might have been seen by you before. The new details include several implementations of pressure sensitive virtual keys.

[Source: Samsung]
One of them we are already familiar with, as the company has used it in devices like the Galaxy S8 and S9: the virtual, pressure sensitive home key. The handset of the mobile phone will measure the pressure on both sides of the display to detect a squeeze. If you try to squeeze hard it would apparently turn the screen off.

SamMobile reported that :

“Depending on how hard you press, the display switches off, the phone reboots, or an emergency mode is triggered, With the application of pressure, an indicator on the screen shows the user which action will be triggered.”

This new kind of feature can be applied to volume keys or any virtual button as well. Samsung has shown the world that they are brave enough to try any kind of tricks or feature, or introducing a foldable phone or squeezable button to expand themselves worldwide.

[Source: SamMobile]

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