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Samsung May Get 5G Chipsets From MediTek

Samsung is one of the biggest tech giants and the biggest smartphone manufacturing company. The brand has been up to the mark all along with all the new techs and features are given in its products. When it comes to smartphones Samsung has the flagship smartphones that rival the best of the smartphones in the market from different brands. Samsung is known for its premium and featureful android smartphones and this still follows. One of the latest techs around the globe, for now, includes 5G network. Samsung is one of the brands that have 5G smartphones available right now but it is not so affordable.

MediaTek is a popular and one of the few chipsets available on android smartphones. Recently MediaTek launched its 5G SoC called Dimensity 1000 to be used next year in smartphones. Next year 5G smartphones won’t be a big thing ad most of the smartphones will have SoC supporting 5G. Two SoC were introduced by MediTek as mid-range while Dimensity 1000 is high-end SoC. These mid-range 5G SoC by MediaTek are MT6889 and MT6873 that will be available in many mid-range affordable smartphones. Samsung is one of the brands that is said to bring these 5G SoC by MediaTek to their phones.

Samsung is reported to be in contact with MediaTek to put the SoC in the upcoming mid-range smartphones.  Other than Samsung Huawei is also said to be working with MediaTek for its 2020 smartphones. Both these smartphone companies are on top this year and with these using MediaTek SoC next year Qualcomm Snapdragon is surely going to have a lot of competition. Many Mid-range affordable smartphones next year are surely going to have MediaTek with the 5G support to make 5g network more accessible. It is a good thing that everyone is going to have affordable 5G experience as 5G is still under work.

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