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Samsung is going to announce Android 9 Pie Beta for Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+

When Google made the Android 9 Pie update official, the smartphone makers started making plans for the release of Android 9 Pie on their handsets. Few noted ones are, OnePlus and Nokia as they released the official Android 9 Pie update while Xiaomi’s update for Android 9 Pie is in the testing phase.

Just like the past, Samsung hasn’t spoken anything about the software update plans, not even for its flagship smartphones.

[Source: Droid Life]
There are some reports that Samsung is already testing Android 9 Pie for the release and there have been a number of leaked screenshots and videos that are found on the internet.

According to reports, Samsung has confirmed that the beta update will be out for public at the end of this week. The confirmation comes via Samsung Developer Conference 2018 app, with the conference taking place on November 7 and 8 in San Francisco.

As soon as Samsung will release the Android 9 Pie Beta with Samsung Experience UI 10 will be available for those who have Samsung Galaxy 9 and Samsung Galaxy 9+. 

This beta update will be only available to users living in the US, UK, and South Korea. Based on the leaked videos and screenshots, this update will bring a lot of changes in user interface, starting from the updated lock screen with modified fonts, on-screen navigation buttons and revamped app icons. There will also be a new Dark Mode, raise to wake feature and more.

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