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Samsung improves the Notebook 9 Pen

At CES 2018, Samsung rolled out the laptop Note 9 Pen, which is a lightweight 13.3-inch convertible made for artists and anyone else who needed decent power capacity with lightweight.

This model is now released again with much improvements such as all-new design and features that should fix what we didn’t like about it before.

[Source: Techaeris]
And also it comes in two version 13-inch and 15-inch, has more ports and packs a much bigger battery with fast-charging that can be used up to 15 hours.

One of the biggest change made in the features of Notebook 9 Pen is a much improved S Pen. Just like its smartphone sibling, the Note 9, the new S Pen for the Notebook 9 Pen now offers improved latency.

Samsung also now offers multiple user replaceable tips for the S Pen, allowing you to change different drawing styles.

The 2019 Note 9 Pen is also going to cost less looking at its model, thanks to a new design and all-metal/aluminum frame.

Both models are very light in weight, with 2.47 pounds for the 13-inch version, and 3.44 pounds for the larger model.

Prices of these versions haven’t been announced by Samsung yet, but the last Notebook 9 Pen started at $1,400 if that helps. It’ll arrive in the US sometime in 2019.

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