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Samsung going to introduce ‘3D sonic sensor’

Samsung has made several announcements regarding their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung has made yet another mindblowing announcement and has taken to the stage with chipset partner Qualcomm for the official announcement of a first-ever ‘3D Sonic Sensor’, the world’s first commercial ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader.

[Source: Samsung]
And this new feature is going to give a massive advantage to Samsung over its rivals in every step.

We have seen from other smartphone makers such as OnePlus, Oppo and Huawei who have so far used the feature of ‘optical’ in-display readers.

Compared to them, ultrasonic readers are a game changer in the smartphone industry.

Ultrasonic technology bounces sound waves off the skin to create a 3D mould of your fingertip. These moulds are so detailed they can reproduce the pores and ridges in your skin. This type of security is far above any kind of biometric security seen before.

This Galaxy S10 range is turning out to be Samsung’s most exciting and amazing update in several years.

Most notably, at the top of this series is Galaxy S10 ‘Beyond X’  which has features like four rear cameras and a 6.7-inch display. If this model can’t make Samsung fans happy then nothing will ever.

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