Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Announced

Samsung has just announced their new fitness trackers, Samsung Galaxy fit 2 which is now available with acclaimed 3 week long battery life. If these claims are to be believed then you can expect to go two or even three days without having to charge your smart smart wearable. The Samsung Galaxy fitness tracker is one of the cheapest options that you have in the smart wearable category with only $60 that you have to spend in order to buy it for yourself.

The new update to this smart wearable comes with an increase in display size from its predecessor which is now much bigger and has more pixels to support its bigger size. Samsung Galaxy fit 2 also has a much bigger battery which can easily go more than 2 days without having to charge it while tracking your steps and your sleep to the full extent and giving you a very clear picture about your daily routine and this quality of sleep that you are getting. One of the major issues that every smart tracker owner can relate to is that they need to figure out a time where they can charge their smart watch while also keeping track of their sleep data which prevents them from leaving it on the charging dock overnight.

Now you no longer have to compromise with your schedule and you can just keep wearing it for 2 to 3 days and figure out when you want to charge twice a week and you can still keep an eye on how you are doing all day while tracking your steps and your sleep data. This smart tracker has been long awaited and the fans of this smartwatch are relieved that Samsung has finally come out with their new update.

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