Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung is going to launch a new pair of buds and they will be much more good and useful than the previous ones. The company is going to launch Samsung Galaxy Buds Live soon and there are some leaks that confirm the design of the buds. The name of the buds isn’t confirmed yet and it is likely to be Samsung Galaxy Buds Live or Samsung Galaxy Beans. These buds are designed like beans and that is the reason why the company can name it Galaxy Beans it seems.

The company has not said anything right now about the upcoming buds but there are leaks that confirm some features. These are some features that we know right now so just have a look at these mentioned below:

  • There will be 3 mics in each earbud and one mic that always stays on

  • The battery indicator on the buds and battery status indicator on the case will be available

  • Wireless charging support for the case

  • Active Noise-Cancellation feature for a better experience

These are some of the features that we know right now and these are leaks and the company has not confirmed anything yet about their upcoming earbuds. The price of Galaxy Buds Live is expected to be below $200 and this will be the reason why these earbuds will succeed. Previous earbuds from Samsung were not that bad but these upcoming earbuds seem to be promising. We will have to wait for Samsung to launch them and the launch of Galaxy Buds Live is expected to be at the end of 2020. These upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Beans are likely that they won’t disappoint who are waiting for them.

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