Samsung announces mass production of the faster 10nm RAM

Samsung is the leading semiconductor manufacturer in the world, and the South Korean giant has recently announced that it’s ready to manufacture world’s first 512GB flash storage chip for smartphones. Now the company in its latest press release revealed that it will now start mass production of its second generation 10nm class RAM of 8-gigabit DDR4 memory, for next-generation computing systems.

The new 10nm DDR4 RAM is almost 10% faster as well as sips 15% less power thus making it highly efficient than its predecessor. This new 8GB DDR4 RAM can operate at 3,600 megabits per second, which is 400 megabits more than its prequel.

Image shows 10nm Gen 1 and Gen 2 DDR4 Memory, Image Courtesy: Samsung. com

Moreover, this next Gen RAM has super high sensitive cell data sensing tech baked in, which ensures high precision of the data store in each cell. This will substantially improve the circuit integration as well as, a new “Air Spacer” will make things smaller and will get a high level of scaling and operations.

Apart from this, Samsung also talks about the rapid production of Gen 5, DDR5 memory and HBM3 memory as well, in the coming years. We should expect this chips to come with modern netbooks as well as in Hybrid laptops and few tablets, smart wearable devices as well, or also in smartphones too?

Maybe the next iPhone could use Samsung’s high-performance RAM and will hopefully also make its way in the Galaxy S9, the Galaxy Note as well as in other major Android flagships. With the processing of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and Samsung’s second Gen 10nm memory chips, upcoming smart devices will touch new heights of powerful devices in humans hands.

Source: Samsung press room



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