Rumours suggests Instagram might extend video limit to 60 minutes on its app

Facebook-owned Instagram has been improving their app lately, first came the stories and then videos, now Instagram is looking to up the limit for the videos uploaded on its app from 60 seconds to a whopping 60 minutes, that’s an insane amount of time for an Instagram video. This again seems like Facebook’s move to take on YouTube, as Facebook has also started showing ads on videos and with limit now going to get increased to 60mins this surely is one of its strategies against YouTube. Moreover, the 60 seconds video limit is, however, too short for creative professionals or some big enterprise to post their product’s reel.

The wall street journal and the American express first revealed this detail about the increase in video time limit. Furthermore, as Facebook is more and more focusing on videos, the company might be looking to bring famous publishers and content creators on Instagram to post their full set of videos. If we take a look at what content could come if the video limit gets extended then podcasts, movie trailers, vines and similar videos could also be seen on the platform as well.

Image shows Instagram app on an iPhone


Instagram has a huge potential, but if Facebook tries to convert into a YouTube rival than that’s going to be a huge challenge unless Facebook has some sort of revenue earning model plan up its sleeves to encourage the huge number of content creators to publish on Instagram as well. We already see ads on facebook videos, and on now this new rumor for Instagram might change the way you look at Instagram from now.

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