Reddit make a deal with Patreon to help content creators

Patreon is a crowdfunding membership platform for many content creators all around the world, and it was announced by Patreon today that they are going to do a partnership with Reddit to help users promote their work and build communities.

Majority of these changes will be made through small integration that will innovate the aesthetic of content creators subreddits and make their Patreon accounts more visible.

[Source: Geek Cosmos]
The change that will be most impactful is “Patron” flair that appears beside Reddit users’ names who support a specific creator on Patreon. This will make it easier for the content creators to see who is supporting them and interactions with their fans.

Platforms like Discord are used by Patreon creators to interact with their supporters. This deal is a good news for both users of Patreon and Reddit as it also means that creators’ Patreon pages will include a Reddit widget that will lead new members to a specific subreddit.

Personal subreddits are very famous among some of the internet’s top most famous creators. YouTube and Twitch personalities, for example, often use personal subreddits as a way to engage with fans. PewDiePie also uses subreddit for meme review on his Youtube Channel(Most Subscribed Youtube Channel).

The main reason behind this deal, according to a statement released by both Patreon and Reddit, is to make subscribing to creators on Patreon easier while supporting community pages on Reddit.

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