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Razer Phone gets a new update improving Camera and Audio performance

Razer, a brand which is attached to Gaming and Performance. It’s just two months since we got the worlds first mobile phone with 120Hz refresh rate. This means the device was snappier than any other device in the world.

The phone was liked by many and appreciated for the features it had on offer, but the camera was not so great which resulted in critics taking it as a downside of the phone.

With the update Razer’s CEO updated the same on his Facebook account, he said that although the phone launched with a good camera app, the company was trying hard to integrate the improvements and the update with all the upgrades to the feedback is here.There is even mention of a second update coming soon to the Phone which will include a 2X zoom button and will also include faster shutter speeds in low light.

As you know with updates, these are usually sent out in phases, and some of the people are getting the 97MB update. The current update includes improved shutter speed, reduced noise in low light. With the update, there are even some audio improvements which will make the Phone’s USB-C DAC more efficient which was already a good one in performance.

The phone even had an issue with its auto brightness sensor which malfunctioned at times. All the problems for which there were complains are solved by the company which is kind of a nice gesture as the company is new to the smartphone industry and delivering a software update to the mobile phones is the most significant concern of the all the customers.

What do you feel about the Razer phone if the phone will get timely updates? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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