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Razer Phone 2 might launch with Project Linda this year

Last year’s most surprising phone came from a non-mainstream Android OEM, but rather from the world’s most popular PC accessories maker, Razer, with their ambitions Razer phone, which was developed from the ashes of Next bit. The device had an impressive 120Hz display and one of the best smartphone speakers the world has ever seen. And this year we’ll undoubtedly see a successor of the Razer phone, and according to a French publication, the device will be unveiled somewhere around September with the Razer Phone 2 as its naming convention.

Apart from that, this year at CES 2018 Razer showed off its accessories plans for the Razer phone with the introduction of Project Linda, which is a Laptop that allows you to mount the Razer Phone inside it where you would you usually find the touchpad of a Laptop. Which is nothing new in this space we have earlier seen this concept from Motorola with its Lap-dock and now Samsung continuing the Lap-dock tradition with its Dex station?

Image Courtesy: razerzone. com

However, Razer’s integration is more refined and offers a little more along with a cool looking RGB backlit keyboard just like it’s Laptops. And Project Linda was also developed within a record time of just one month only.

As it is based on one of its existing Laptops with all black stealth look, and on the inside, you get 200GB of built-in storage, a vivid 13-inch IPS display, sizeable 53Wh battery. Furthermore, on the connectivity side Project, Linda houses ports such as USB Type-C, USB-A as well as a 3.5mm audio jack which was missing on the Razer Phone. If you are wondering about the processor power, well the Razer will take that responsibility when it is attached in. It is said that it will be launched with the Razer Phone 2 when it debuts at IFA 2018.

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