‘Quantum Supremacy’ claimed by Google Reports say

After IBM’s new Quantum computer reports recently now Google have come up with some rare claim. Google, as they claim, has created the fastest Quantum computer at present that surpasses the top of supercomputers ever made. Some research papers were also out and it’s claimed that the quantum computer of Google is capable of completing calculation in 3 minutes. These same tasks were to take over 10,000 years by the world’s most powerful commercial computer. The difference is too much to be put in words in case of efficiency of this Quantum Computer that Google holds.

Quantum Supremacy'  by Google

Quantum computing remains superior to classical computers and there are high hopes that we can achieve great things. Everything that classical computing fails to do can possibly be done with quantum computers. The fast development in quantum computing can make it possible to make new AI, medicines, higher-tech and many more. Quantum supremacy just makes Google the one with the most advanced technology in the sense of Quantum computing. New possibilities and high efficiency in tasks that used to take months or years are now possible with the more and more powerful Quantum computers that are being built.

IBM came up with a 53 qubit quantum computer recently whereas Google had already come up with its 72 qubits Quantum computer. Now the research papers by Google claim that it has achieved the Quantum supremacy with the most powerful Quantum computer. It’s claimed by Google and isn’t an official word but you can take it as a win by google as it surpassed most of the supercomputers of this time. Google as big as it now also goes wild with the new tag of Quantum supreme with it’s new Quantum computer that is claimed as most powerful.

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