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Qualcomm to tackle Exynos with a new high-performance Custom Core SoC

New reports coming in suggest that Qualcomm has prominent plans for its next flagship chipset, which will take on the latest Samsung Exynos chips and it will also aim at the monstrous A11 bionic chip, which is currently the top dog in the mobile computing space. The reports say that Qualcomm is keen on developing a custom core architecture that will have computing power on a mobile chipset never seen before.

Last year, Qualcomm’s 835 got a lot of heat as it’s major rivals from Apple and Samsung’s Exynos was a bit ahead of the 835, and the A11 bionic blew away everything. Both rivals have a custom core which is capable of high-performance computing and the 835 lack behind in that area at least on paper.

Qualcomm also has developed custom cores in the past such as the Krait architecture which blew everything and at present the custom Kyro cores, which are incorporated in its Snapdragon 835, 821 and the 820, also in some upper mid-range 600 series chips. But at present, they don’t stack up to what Samsung and Apple have in cards. So, expect new high-performance architecture from Qualcomm to compete with its rivals.

Qualcomm Zeroth NPU
Image courtesy: qualcomm. com

Another, threat that Qualcomm could face is Samsung opening up to other interested Android OEMs to supply them with its Exynos chips, which might chew-up some of its shares. And nowadays, some Android OEMs such as Huawei have started developing its chips.

Lastly, it’s not only about the performance, but Qualcomm also needs to figure out on how to make them efficient as well as. As battery technologies are only improving in fast charging tech and nothing groundbreaking has been seen on the capacity front, which could make the capacity huge while keeping the device thin enough.

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