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Qualcomm is ready to support foldable smartphones

As you may already know that 5G is the future of smartphones generation which is going to give you a speed that will compete with your current WiFi connection, but there is also one other thing you may know about and that is the foldable smartphones.

There is a good news about the foldable smartphones and that is the famous chipmaker Qualcomm says that they are ready to support the next generation foldable smartphones revolution.

[Source: XDA Developers]
The company’s new Snapdragon 855 chipset supports that idea, even though foldable phones haven’t been a big topic at its Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii.

Qualcomm’s senior vice president of product management, Keith Kressin said that:

“We’re ready for foldable phones. And if an OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) wants to introduce a mobile with a Snapdragon 855, awesome.”

Qualcomm is the major supplier of Snapdragon chips to the majority of Android smartphone makers. They won’t have to change much to support the advent of foldable phones.

In simple words, only minor changes have to made in Snapdragon 855 to make it compatible for the foldable smartphones.

Keith Kressin noted that any changes made to the System on a Chip largely “depend on how the OEM wants to do the foldable.”

So far there’s only one Qualcomm OEM partner showing a foldable phone prototype which is Samsung.

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